Project Description

Innovative methods for classroom management



The goal of this course is to introduce teachers, school managers and trainers to the latest developments in classroom management methods that they may want to apply to their classroom environments in order to have achieve a better learning process.  Participants will receive training on the essential classroom management strategies and techniques and will gain knowledge on how to create productive classroom environments. They will also to develop and encourage student group work. After the end of this course, teachers, school managers and trainers will have a better understanding of the concept, principles, techniques and strategies of classroom management they will have improved the skills and competences that are required to apply that knowledge in the classroom.


Main topics

-Building relations with students
-Establishing authority in the classroom
-Developing student accountability
-Fostering student interaction
-Establishing guidelines and rules
-Flipped classrooms
-Managing diverse classrooms
-Promoting productive learning environments
-Classroom monitoring
-Assessing and evaluating student work
-Encouraging and developing group work



The methodology that is going to be used in order to introduce the participants into classroom management is based on collaborative and participative learning and aims to activate the participants in the learning process. The participants are going to exchange experiences about classroom management in different classroom environments. The methodology includes lectures, presentations, videos, workshops, teamworking exercises and case studies.


Target groups

This course is targeted at educators, school managers, teachers and trainers that want to improve their skills in managing their classroom and producing high quality educational work together with their students.


Due to our extensive experience and network of partners, we have the capacity to design training courses tailored on the specific needs of the participants. Interested parties are encouraged to communicate with us, explaining their specific training needs for the development of tailored training courses