Project Description

Inclusion of refugee children in the learning process



The goal of this course is to introduce teachers to concepts and tools that focus on the understanding and embracing cultural differences and promote the learning process in a multicultural environment. They will receive training on how to understand and deal with cultural differences, improve development and learning achievement of refugee children and how to create a multicultural lesson plan. They will also exchange ideas and develop links with teachers from other European countries. After the end of this course, they will have a better understanding of how to include refugee children in their learning process and they will have improved the skills and competences that are required to support them in their classroom.


Main topics

  • Introduction to Multiculturalism
  • The significance of intercultural communication
  • Importance of integration of refugee children in EU communities
  • Cross cultural relationships – dealing with differences
  • Managing diversity in school to create an inclusive environment for refugees
  • Building relationships with people from other cultures in a school community
  • Strategies and activities focusing on general development for refugee children
  • Strategies and activities for raising educational achievements of refugee children
  • Engaging migrant and refugee families in school community
  • Good practice examples on the inclusion of refugees across Europe
  • Developing a multicultural lesson plan
  • Individual Projects, Presentations and Evaluation



The methodology that is going to be used is based on collaborative learning and aims to activate the participants during the delivery of the course. All participants will benefit from the learning process of receiving a combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge. The methodology includes lectures, presentations, videos, games, workshops and case studies of successful examples of social inclusion of refugee children in the European Union. On the last day of the course, the participants will exchange information and reflect on the knowledge and experience they have gained during the course to benefit from feedback and analysis.


Target groups

This course is targeted at educators that want to provide training in a multicultural environment.