Project Description

Bullying prevention methods



The goal of this course is to help teachers in primary and secondary schools acquire the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to deal with phenomenon of bullying in school. The teachers will be able to identify and understand what bullying is, what types of bullying are prevalent in the classroom, what skills are useful to educators and students to help against bullying and what strategies can be used to help prevent the phenomenon in the classroom. After the end of this course, they will have a better understanding of the phenomenon of bullying and they will have improved the skills and competences that are required to be instrumental in the prevention of bullying in the classroom.


Main topics

  • What is bullying, theoretical explanation
  • The different types of bullying at school
  • Being bullying aware: reasons and effects of bullying
  • Possible social and psychological problems caused by bulling
  • Case studies of bullying at schools
  • Recognizing the bullying behavior
  • Identifying roles in a bullying situation: Bullies, Victims, Bystanders
  • Consequences of Bullying to Bullies, Victims, Bystanders
  • The bullying problem in school across the world
  • Parents’ role in Bullying
  • School community’s role in Bullying
  • Dealing with Bullies and Victims
  • How to overcome the bullying at school
  • Adopting an anti-bullying policy at school
  • Bullying and cyberbullying
  • Roleplay: Bullying Scenarios
  • Case studies
  • Group discussions, Reflection



The methodology includes lectures, presentations, workshops and case studies of bullying. The participants will also visit local schools and have discussions with the headmasters where they will learn about the different types of bullying that can occur in schools.


Target groups

This course is targeted at educators that want to know more about bullying prevention methods and reduce the prevalence of bullying in the classroom.