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Project Description

E-SCHOOL educational institution, was founded and has been working since September 2003.

We were initially just a Computer School, taking advantage of the of the founder’s experience who had been working as teachers and later principals in such businesses since 2000.

All these years we provide children, teenagers, students, adults, unemployed, working people and professionals with training in many computer and new technology subject matters.
Always through innovative educational programs, we give our trainees the opportunity to acquire high standard knowledge which will help them cope, in the best way, with the demands of the modern job market.
So, in our state-of-the-art built and equipped classrooms, we teach basic skills (to those who have just began learning about computers) to expertise professional programs.

Apart from the correct training though, certification proves essential to businesses and institutions (public or private) that wish to assess their staff ‘s level of knowledge.
For this reason, we have cooperated from the very beginning, with the most well-known knowledge certification carriers in Greece (ECDL since 2003, ICT since 2007, ACTA since 2009, GLOBALCERT since 2014, UNICERT since 2015).

Since 2007 we have entered the field of professional seminars and prepared candidates to take part in exams to be accepted in the Greek public sector.

Since 2010 we have been a part of Foreign Language teaching, founding an organized Foreign Language Centre, aiming only at adults’ education, paying attention to teaching as well as providing them with highly respected and contemporary certificates.

Since 2011, after our years long experience in teaching web development, we have entered e-learning and website construction.
In the sector of e-learning, we have developed e-mathima (

A crucial and very important part of our journey was our certification by the NATIONAL ORGANISATION OF CERTIFYING SKILLS AND VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE (EOPPEP) first in 2012 and in 2014 as a LIFE LONG LEARNING CENTRE 2 (certification number 2000112)
In the summer of 2014 we moved to more state of the art, 400 square meter facilities, as far as the building and equipment is concerned, in a central pedestrian road, in the center of Karditsa, and now work with educational and administrative staff of 6 people.

Our vision is to provide quality education and certification for the sectors that we deal with and be a really multipurpose educational center which provides quality and contemporary life learning and knowledge certification.