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E-SCHOOL can prove an invaluable ally in any KA2 project. Our experienced personnel can offer assistance and complete tasks quickly and according to your project’s requirements, in a variety of fields, too numerous to mention.

Here are listed but a few of the areas of expertize our institution can bring to your project


Our large network of associates allows us to easily find what you are looking for, be it a local school, a person/company having a particular skill set, a seminar, a technical visit or job shadowing; we can do it for you

  • Private Enterprises

  • Private & Public Schools

  • Non-profit Organizations


Our company hosts seminars on various fields, and the number of participants each year is numbered in the hundreds, the majority of them being up to an age of 29. We can host dissemination events and gather the necessary feedback for your project at any time

  • Students

  • Youth

  • Unemployed

Use and Integration of ICT Tools

We have been using this online technology long before its wide spread kicked in. We can help organize your project’s management, by creating an this technology

  • Web 2.0 Tools

  • Social Media in Classroom

  • Web Solutions for the Classroom

E-Learning & Media

As an institution, we have run over 20 e-learning seminars over the past year alone, organized by our staff and run through our servers, for the needs of various projects we delve in (i.e. certification of Adult Trainers, Voucher system seminars for the Unemployed etc)

  • E-learning platforms

  • Moodle

  • Photo & Video Making in our Classroom

Enabling Society

Our company has experience working with people with Disabilities. Our network of associates includes several foundations and organizations for the Disabled. Whether you represent such an institution, or wish to be linked to one, E-SCHOOL is your choice.

Special Tasks

  Our large network of associates allows for all sorts of tasks to be performed, too numerous to be mentioned. Please contact our Project Manager with an analysis and request for your specific Task

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information

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