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Depending on the course, it can be held on any of these locations:

The third largest city in Greece, Patra is a natural naval harbor and a large trade center. Sporting one of the best Universities in the country hosting dozens of different themes of study, Patra has a history of high education achievements. There, we are networked with more than one Life Long Learning Centers and a branch of the University of Patras, and utilize our either our partners’ facilities or expert teaching associates for our courses.

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Volos is a natural naval harbor, while it is close to many cities and sites in Thessaly. Albeit a smaller city, Volos is known for its impact on Tourism and the University of Volos has gained renown for its high-quality standards. A number of courses can be held at Volos, utilizing the resources of our network of Life Long Learning Centers.

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Karditsa is a small town in the center of Thessaly and Greece, with a long history in Agriculture. Tourism is as well a field of expertise for the locals, as it is close to many natural Tourist attraction sites (Meteora, Lake of Plastiras etc). Our company offices are based in Karditsa following over a decade’s worth of history in adult education. Many courses linked to modern subjects can be held here, Agriculture, Tourism, Information and Communication Technologies being counted amongst them.

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Little can be said about the Capital of Greece, Athens, which is not already known. Our network of associates allows us to host courses in the capital, on almost any given subject. If a specific course cannot be organized in one of our other locations, then Athens comes to fill in the gap.

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Facilities throughout Greece


400 square meters with 5 classrooms, 40 computers over 50 Teachers


300 square meters with 4 classrooms, 37 computers over 30 Teachers”


250 square meters with 4 classrooms, 44 computers over 25 Teachers”


500 square meters with 8 classrooms, 50 computers over 50 Teachers

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